Fitness Guide 2017: Let’s Talk About Bodybuilding


Bodybuilding involves the usage of progressive resistance exercise in controlling and developing the body musculature, and the person who engages in bodybuilding is referred to as bodybuilder. Usually, body builders prepare for local, national or international competitions, by eliminating nonessential body fat, intentional dehydration and loading carbohydrates, for achieving superior vascularity, and tanning for accentuating muscular definition. Competitive bodybuilders do specific poses and posing routines in front of a panel of judges who rank the bodybuilders basing on these criteria: muscularity, symmetry and conditioning.

Bodybuilding is the best sport to make the body proportionally fit and shaped. There are many benefits in bodybuilding such as decreased risk for cardiovascular diseases, blood pressure control, prevent obesity and lowers cholesterol. It also helps in keeping the muscles, bones and joints flexible and strong, that can help prevent arthritis and osteoporosis. Preparation for competitions may involve cutting and bulking, clean bulking, dirty bulking, and pre-competition preparation. Muscle gain is the ultimate goal, wherein “cutting” is referred to as losing body fat through progressive exercises, while “bulking” is taking amount of calorie surplus for ensuring that muscles remain in the anabolism state. Click here for more info!

Clean bulking involves increasing muscle mass using the own effort of a body builder, without gaining fat as compared to conventional strategies, achieving a peak appearance during the competition season. Dirt bulking involves eating caloric surplus without knowing the exact number of fats, proteins and carbohydrates, gaining mass quickly. Bodybuilders decrease their consumption of carbohydrates, sodium and water a week before the contest, and water is completely removed, carbohydrate loading and  diuretics may be introduced from the diet a day before the show. These are implemented to make sure that leanness is maximized and the veins have increased visibility. The final step is lifting weights to fill and distend the veins with blood to increase their size.  If you want to learn more about bodybuilding, you can visit

Bodybuilding is a great sport showcasing the health and fitness of a person. Given its benefits, it will really entice your interest by reading body building books or articles. Be inspired and be a great and amazing bodybuilder. There are many people who have tried bodybuilding and have proven to have gained tremendous amount of benefits, not just toward their physical aspect but also emotionally, socially and spiritually. Bodybuilding is a test of strength, courage, patience, commitment, strength and fitness. Bodybuilding is a way of life for many people who want to achieve something in life through strength and exercise. Know more about bodybuilding at this website!

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